Capetown (Darling)  Zuid-Afrika voorkamerfestival ( sep 2014) :

Last that day was Kim van Zeben , a comedian and musical actress from the Netherlands which is very involved in sponsoring parts of the show. She was my favourite by far, a delightful woman whose range of talents had us spellbound (some a little shocked) and in stitches at her raucous and risqué antics. Oh did we chuckle at her range of stories and conversations with herself; one as a little girl on a car journey with family; another with a tiny friend she had “swallowed” who spoke from the bowels of her body. Tears of laughter rolled down cheeks and it was over too soon. Robin Ross-T 

 Recensie Theaterkrant


Interview door Mike Starink bij Margreet Dolman

Humor Tv meets Kim


Lees hier het interview dat Liesbeth Maas met Kim hield naar aanleiding van haar rol van Gruwella du Vil in 101 dalmatiërs.